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Acxiom’s Response to COVID-19

Friederike Sickel Last Updated Februar 5th, 2021
Acxiom’s Response to COVID-19

Hello again,

Across the world, facing the challenge of COVID-19, we’re seeing amazing individual acts of kindness and heroism. Across the world, we’re also seeing companies and organizations step up. From creating priority shopping times for the elderly and for pregnant women, to incremental hiring of displaced workers to ensure shelves are stocked and food is delivered to stores and homes, many are going the extra mile and more. At Acxiom, we too are taking action to help.

Acxiom has a fifty-year legacy of using data and technology to enable brands and organizations to understand their customers and prospects. We do this so they can then engage people effectively and efficiently, with relevance and respect.

This is exactly how we help our society, especially during crisis moments.

We’re actively providing our capabilities and expertise to assist brands, non-profit and government agencies in understanding who is likely to need their help the most. In doing so, we enable them to better prepare their services to provide that support and reach people in need.

In our fifty-years, it’s hard to imagine what we’re doing has ever mattered more and it’s gratifying to see the reality of data-enabled work providing assistance in this time of need.

Under the banner of ‘Data for Good’, Acxiom has been working with partners and clients for some years now, lending our help to create awareness around programs whose goal is to reduce the number of people smoking, vaping and abusing opioids. We also enable awareness campaigns that ensure people entitled to welfare and state aid know about it and get access to it. Today with COVID-19, we’re helping companies internationally; from utilities providers needing to identify vulnerable and remote customers to enabling critical communications for retailers. One example in the public domain is the work we’re doing with the Ad Council to assist various government departments in getting critical messages out to at-risk populations, which you can read about here.

We’ve responded quickly where we’ve been asked to help, and we’ve reached out proactively where we know we can make a difference. Important to note, is that our intent is to help on a pro bono basis for the data and work we provide in our “Data for Good” initiative.

I’m proud of how we’re helping make a difference in these difficult days and I believe we are seeing proof around the true value of data not just for commercial purposes but the benefit of society overall when used ethically and in support of critical messages to those at risk, or populations that need to be made aware of the assistance they are entitled to.

In closing, I can assure you that Acxiom continues to take all the steps necessary to keep our colleagues safe, and to provide our clients with the solutions and services vital for getting through the challenges of today while realizing the opportunity better days will undoubtedly bring.

We believe in ‘Data for Good’ and under that mantra we’re taking active steps to help. Perhaps we can help your organization? If so, please reach out to me.

My best wishes and stay safe,

Chad Engelgau, CEO Acxiom